Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gobblins, Gouls & a Machete

It's that time of year again! I love this time of year!

The very shelves that not long ago held back to school supplies are now bursting with Halloween stuff - full of spooky fun. We actually got an early start and got some costume things a couple weeks ago.

My boys are all beyond the cute stuff now. They want all the scary and gross stuff. The good news is that they like to mix and match with the old stuff we have in the Halloween bins making it all more economical during these tighter financial times.

So we walked the aisles in Target. Son number one chose a hockey mask and machete a la "Friday the Thirteenth" that he can wear with an old shirt. Son number two has been a mad scientist for the last three years and he will re-use his lab coat and add shackles to his ensemble. Son number three chose a "platinum" skull mask with black hair attached to wear with his old zombie costume.

I do miss the old costumes like Pooh bear, firefighter, lion, pirate and pumpkin. I miss holding my youngest while he was snug in his pumpkin costume (when he would let me - he was just learning to walk that Halloween!). My twins were a shark and a surfer one year - complete with tiny wetsuit, shark costume and surfboard. Son number one's face peeked out of the mouth of the shark costume. So cute! A picture of them dressed that way was on our Christmas card that year!

Those of you that have very young kids this Halloween, enjoy! It does not last long!

How about you? Do you have your costumes started yet, or am I crazy?