Thursday, October 30, 2008

Surprising Amount of Interest In Knitting Circle

Well, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised. I got a large amount of positive responses for the knitting circle idea. Now I need to plan it and clean my house! Downstairs at least! I am very excited but nervous.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Knitting Circle

I have been looking to join a knitting group since I moved to Oregon. After talking to a friend in California about the group she belongs to, I've decided to start my own.

Yesterday I sent out an email to some women friends that I would like to spend more time with. I asked them if they knitted or if they would like to learn how. I offered my house for the location and I said that I would serve lunch. Then I sat back and waited.

I was not sure how this would go over. I am usually the only knitter sitting at the various baseball, basketball, football and swimming practices and games that I attend for the boys. But the responses are encouraging. I will let you know how it all unfolds. Very exciting!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lexi's Pumpkin Farm

Yesterday I had the pleasure of heading out to Canby Oregon to a hidden gem: Lexi's Pumpkin Farm. This is a wonderful family farm full of beautiful, not your grocery store variety, pumpkins and squash. If you are looking for pony rides, hay maze and screaming children, this is not the place! If you want squash so beautiful it would make Martha Stewart cry, this is it!

My friend Celeste and I found Lexi's Farm by accident last year. We were making a drive to a more popular pumpkin farm in Canby when we came upon Lexi's. We had to return this year! Fall decorating is an event for Celeste, and she does an amazing job. I try my best.

So yesterday morning I picked up Celeste for what has become our annual pumpkin hunt. We zipped along 99W enjoying lovely river views and the autumn leaves. Towards the end of Canby we turned right on Barlow Road. The address is 23950 Barlow Road, Canby.

There we met Bill, farmer and proprietor of not only this fine farm but also a restaurant called Curry's Landing in Charboneau (his dishes sound amazing).

As Celeste and I picked our way through his fields, Bill followed us around cutting the orbs we chose right from the vines. He had Spaghetti Squash, gorgeous Blue Moon pumpkins, titan Jack o' Lantern pumpkins, mini pumpkins, yellow pumpkins, white Ghost pumpkins, dark orange Cinderella pumpkins and giant Cinderella pumpkins and more. Really, gorgeous stuff. All at excellent prices.

Bill even got his tractor out to bring us the prize giant Cinderellas that we each picked and then loaded them into my van.

I will probably make a separate trip to Lexi's with my three boys to let them pick out some jack o' lanterns to carve. This trip was all for me!

So if you want some beautiful autumn decor head out to Canby. Tell Bill that the two crazy girls in the gray van who brought aprons and rubber boots to wear in the fields sent you.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gobblins, Gouls & a Machete

It's that time of year again! I love this time of year!

The very shelves that not long ago held back to school supplies are now bursting with Halloween stuff - full of spooky fun. We actually got an early start and got some costume things a couple weeks ago.

My boys are all beyond the cute stuff now. They want all the scary and gross stuff. The good news is that they like to mix and match with the old stuff we have in the Halloween bins making it all more economical during these tighter financial times.

So we walked the aisles in Target. Son number one chose a hockey mask and machete a la "Friday the Thirteenth" that he can wear with an old shirt. Son number two has been a mad scientist for the last three years and he will re-use his lab coat and add shackles to his ensemble. Son number three chose a "platinum" skull mask with black hair attached to wear with his old zombie costume.

I do miss the old costumes like Pooh bear, firefighter, lion, pirate and pumpkin. I miss holding my youngest while he was snug in his pumpkin costume (when he would let me - he was just learning to walk that Halloween!). My twins were a shark and a surfer one year - complete with tiny wetsuit, shark costume and surfboard. Son number one's face peeked out of the mouth of the shark costume. So cute! A picture of them dressed that way was on our Christmas card that year!

Those of you that have very young kids this Halloween, enjoy! It does not last long!

How about you? Do you have your costumes started yet, or am I crazy?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is Cold Season Here Already?

This is the eighth day son number one has missed from school. I am starting to get a little stir crazy.

A week ago Monday he woke up with a sore throat and drippy nose. Now this son in particular is severely asthmatic so I kept him home. The next morning his ear hurt a lot so we headed to the pediatrician. They diagnosed - surprise! - an ear infection and prescribed antibiotics.

The doctor listened to his lungs. They sound wheezy but the antibiotics for the ear infection should stop an infection in his lungs. Considering son number one's history (several severe asthma flares a year and three times with pneumonia), this is somewhat comforting.

At this point he is starting to cough more and more. He continues to wheeze severely. We spend two nights administering breathing treaments every four hours around the clock. We are so tired!

Fast forward to Sunday. We had a couple of good nights and son looks a little better. Husband and I decide that son could go to flag football team pictures and then watch his team play. Well, after merely walking to the photo tent and back son was ready to go home for a breathing treatment. The short walk wiped him out. Poor guy!

Monday he looked worse so we headed to the asthma specialist. The doctor takes one listen to son number one's chest and prescribes prednisone. We start that immediately. I am aware of the side effects of this powerful drug but I want to avoid and ambulance ride and/or the hospital so he takes it.

The good news is he is finally doing a little better. I will most likely send him to school tomorrow. It is my day to help out in his little brother's class so I figure that I can check on him and bring him home if need be.

To give you an idea of how this effects him, I took him to the grocery store today because I am out of basically everything and he kept asking me to slow down while I was walking. He is ten years old!

We are not alone. I know that two kids at our bus stop were out sick a few days each and at least one mom is sick. I hope that this is not a sign of things to come this season. We are definitely getting our flu shots.

How are all of you doing this school year with sickness so far?