Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Winter Blues


Son number one and I have the latest virus and it is annoying. Started with post nasal drip and quickly moved on to be the mother of all coughs. It is bad enough for me. I started it, I admit. Must have brought it home with me from my plane trip to Califonia for Dad's year memorial. Lots of coughing on that plane.

But for son number one, a cough can get ugly. He is approching his fourth monthly dose of Zolair, which is supposed to be the magic number of doses before Zolair changes the lives of asthma sufferers. We shall see.

But back to me. I guess my mammogram looked a little funny so they want me to get additional mammogram views and an ultrasound. Lucky me. The nurse did not sound too worried but then it's not her girls we are talking about! I know nothing about my family history as far as breast cancer (or anything else) goes - thanks to closed adoption records in New York state! Will know more Thurday.