Monday, September 22, 2008

Nice Cleavage

Last Thursday was curriculum night at the primary school where all three of my boys attend. It is a night for the parents to meet their childrens' teachers and find out the expectations for the school year.

We have a new principal this year so I elected to go to the assembly that kicks off this night of excitement. I wanted to hear what the new principal had to say. But before I get to hear him speak I have to sit through the the school superintendent, someone who wants to talk about a school bond, the PTA president and one other person I don't remember.

My eyes are rolling back in my head when my friend next to me whispers "crack alert." I scan the row in front of us and there it is. Peeking out of very expensive size 4 jeans - a tight little moon a-rising.

Now, I like men and only men, but my eyes kept going back to that little valley in front of me. The rest of the assembly flew by. I can only wonder about what the poor dads were thinking. To that mom - thanks for the entertainment!